Letter to School Principal for Fee Concession from Parents

Letter -1

Dear Principal,

We, the parents of Nancy Fox, a student of 5th grade currently studying at your school, are writing this letter to you to request a fee concession. Both I and my husband Mark Fox work day and night to make both our ends meet and we usually succeed in that.

Nevertheless, due to COVID-19, my company laid off a lot of employees on account of a shortage of funds, and sadly I was among those unfortunates. I have not been able to find myself another job opportunity even though I apply to tens of places every day.

Now, our only breadwinner is my husband whose monthly output in terms of finance is not sufficient for our expenditures. I have three other children, and all are studying in different schools. It has become almost impossible for us to fulfill their educational expenses. We have only one option left now, to either request you to make a concession of Nancy’s fee or get her homeschooled for the year which, as you can understand, is not in the best interests of her.

Therefore, I plea to you to decrease her fee for this term at least so Nancy could continue her education at your school like other children.


Mark Fox & Rosa Fox,
Parents of Nancy Fox,
5th Grade,
Parkwood Elementary School,
Greensborough, NC

Letter to School Principal for Fee Concession from Parents

Letter -2

Subject: Request for fee concession

Respectful Principal,

I, Jacinda Mike, am the mother of Joe Black who is currently an 8th-grade student at your school. My domestic circumstances have pushed me to approach you by writing this letter to you.

I am a single mother as Joe’s father deserted both of us when she was only 5-years old. I have been his only guardian and caretaker of all his personal needs. Since he is a very brilliant student, I had moved him from his previous public school to this esteemed institution in the pursuit of better prospects for him.

To provide him with all kinds of facilities, I have been doing three jobs and I was quite happy that I have been able to take care of Joe and my other 2 children in a reasonable way.

Nevertheless, owing to the car accident I had last month, my employers fired me for taking too many leaves. Currently, I have only one job left which is not sufficient to make both ends meet. As you know how brilliant a student Joe is, I do not want my financial circumstances to interrupt her education. Therefore, I request you to make a fee concession for Joe. It could be a merit-based or a need-based scholarship as well.

I would be much obliged to you for this great act of kindness. Should you have any questions or any proposition to make, please feel free to call me at [X] anytime.


Jacinda Mike,
Mother of Joe Black,
8th Grade,
Henpecked Wood High School, NYC, NY.

Letter to School Principal for Fee Concession from Parents

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