Thank you Message to Boss for Performance Award


Dear Sir, it has always been a pleasure and a moment of learning for me to update my skills and utilize them for the best interests of this company. The best part about this venture is your appreciation. Thank you for giving me an award for my performance this month. It shall boost my energy even more in the forthcoming months!


Respected Boss, as they say, a moment of learning is a lifetime of glory, I tried my utmost to make my entire life a source of learning so I could be a great asset to the company. Hence the successful completion of recent projects. I am glad you reckoned my diligence and I pay my homage to you giving me the bonus for my performance.


Ma’am, I am overjoyed to learn that you have bestowed a performance award to me this month on account of my successful execution of the company’s major project. Please accept this message as a formal gratitude note for this honor. Together, we shall make many more moments like this.


I am glad you finally recognized the hard work I have been investing in the company for a long. This bonus means everything to me, and I vow to increase my diligence and dedication to the company. Please accept my cordial thank you note through this message. Thank you, boss!


I understand that dedication and commitment take you to places you have imagined before. I always gave my best to the company in the pursuit of a better future for both me and the business. I am happy you reckoned all my efforts. I would like to take this opportunity to convey my deepest appreciation for the bonus you have given me for my loyalty.


I am delighted to find out that you have given me a monthly bonus on account of the tireless endeavors I put in and the constant accomplishments I have been achieving for the betterment of the company. With this appreciation of my loyalty, I feel more energetic and powerful to invest my talents for the business’s growth.


Loyalty always pays back and this time, it has given me a huge reward. Thank you for honoring me with the performance award boss! I will always make you proud with my performance.


Boss, you have always been my guiding star. At first, you taught me the skills to groom, and now since I did, you have appreciated my learning with this recent bonus. I cannot thank God enough for blessing me with an employer like you. Please accept my gratitude for this favor!


Please accept this formal message as an expression of gratitude from me for the award for my recent performance. I am deeply touched by your kindness and I hope there are many similar moments to celebrate together.


Sir, thank you for giving me a chance to be more confident in my skills and a reason to perform even better.

Thank you Message to Boss for Performance Award

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