Warning Letter for not Responding to Manager’s Official Email

Warning letters are the kind of official notice against the employee who is accused of violating the rules and regulations of the company. It relates to employee’s unethical and unprofessional attitude at the workplace.

Warning letters are often written for not performing duties vigilantly, attendance issues, not responding to the manager’s official email, accused of harassment, creating turmoil at the workplace, breach of company’s terms and conditions, and other unacceptable conduct. If an employee is accused of any of the above-mentioned reasons, then a warning letter is written to him for not repeating the act again. These letters help a lot to have a great impact on your employees and they take this warning seriously. 

Warning letters are written by the head of the department, manager, or employer to its employees counting all the details of unacceptable conduct of the employee. The employer sends this letter to the employee and he/she takes it as a serious warning by the head.

For writing such letters your tone should be formal and a little stiff. Avoid abusive language as it leaves a bad impact. In the first paragraph, pen down the aim of your writing this letter.

In the second paragraph, provide in detail the reason for writing this letter and there can be numerous reasons. Warn him/her to not do this kind of activity in the future as it may result in the loss of their job. Depending on your company’s policy, the best is to warn your employees verbally and ask them to be fare in their behavior.

Secondly, if they do not want your verbal warning seriously then send them a warning note encompassing their unacceptable conduct and warn them if this behavior continues then it will be risky for them to continue their job.

Below is a sample of warning letters to employees for not responding to the manager’s official email. 

Sample Letter

Re. Warning Letter for No Response to Manager 

Dear Mr. Anton,

I am penning down this letter on the basis of your unprofessional attitude at the workplace. On 12th August 20XX, I had an email you send me the details of candidates as I had to select them on the basis of their resume and professional skills, and you did not respond to me timely. Due to this act of yours, I faced embarrassment before them because I was not provided with their details by you. It left a bad impression of my company on them and you solely are responsible for this.

The company’s name has been earned after the arduous struggle of its employees and I want my employees to be responsible. I have not come crossed with it for the first time; you also did the same with me two months ago and I had warned you verbally then. I do not expect this kind of attitude from my employees. I want them to be proficient and engrossed in their work. But this act of yours has humiliated me a lot. Moreover, you are accused of creating turmoil and disturbance too which is totally unacceptable conduct.

This is the last warning to you, and you should mean it. You are ordered now strictly to behave professionally. Next time if you are caught in not responding to my official email, you will be disqualified from the office in a moment. So, take it as a last warning. 


Spenser Duck
Assistant Manager

Warning Letter for not Responding to Manager’s Official Email

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