Letters Lifting Suspension of an Employee

Letter -1

The purpose of this letter is to notify you of the company’s decision of lifting the suspension of all the employees of sales department involved in PICO case 2. As per the findings of our investigation team, we are reported that the major issue was occurred due to a mishandling of our finance team. Some major files were missing important documents that were necessary for the agreement and thus became a reason for all this fuss.

Therefore, all the employees in your department that were suspended are requested to report to the duty on this coming Monday, May 12th. The official timings will remain same as before. If anyone amongst you requires further assistance in this matter he/she may contact Mr. John for guidance. I want all of you to be cleared of the contents of this notice. Download

Letter -2

Letter lifting suspension of an employeeIt is hereby informed you that your suspension pending investigation has been formally lifted as per today’s’ legal notice issued by the manager. As we didn’t find you guilty of the charges put on you by Mr. Anthony and investigated the case thoroughly in this past week. It was merely a misunderstanding at the team’s end.

Therefore, in accordance with the facts we gathered, you are requested to resume your duty from tomorrow. You will be responsible for performing same duties under same terms and conditions as before. If you still have queries or uncertainties about the contents of this notice, you may contact Mr. John for more guidance. Download

Letter -3

Letter lifting suspension of an employeeIt is documented to inform you that your suspension from work has been officially lifted. The Max Facto Mattress Brand will continue their project with our company under the same official agreement. The issue with them has been resolved on good terms and the contract [Name, Order No] from which you have been suspended has resumed on 20th of this month.

Therefore as a senior engineer of this project you are directed to recommence your duties from 23rd June. Mr. John will explain you all the technical details and additional procedures added to the contract. There are little amendments made in the project which you should be aware of. You may visit the team lead from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm tomorrow for further assistance. We want to proceed with this project as soon as possible. Download

Letter -4

Letter lifting suspension of an employeeThe purpose of this letter is to confirm you that the company is done with the investigation period and thereof lift the suspension on your duty as of dated 15th May. You are directed to resume your performance as sales executive of our company.

You will be required to perform all your core responsibilities under committed terms and conditions. In addition to this, kindly report the management as soon as you get the official notice. You may contact Mr. John for further assistance if required. Download

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