Warning Letter for Breach of Confidentiality

Letter -1

Salaries of employees are truly a confidential matter between the department head and the employee as per company policy. Mr. Joe, you have been recently observed violating this rule. Your department manager caught you red-handed viewing the payroll.

We were earlier informed by your co-workers of your nature of investigating into others matters. But we took it as normal. We are afraid that this time it will not be dealt as it has been dealt previously.

Your recent behavior has made us issue a final warning in your name. You are a very good employee of our company but this habit of yours will not be tolerated any further. Do investigate yourself and make changes accordingly as any more disrespect to the company policy will lead to a strict action taken against you or even termination.

Hope to see a positive change.


Letter -2

Warning letter for breach of confidentialityRecently the company has lost a contract of construction. Upon investigation, we got to know that you were somewhere involved in it. A friend of yours was also bidding for it and you in the way of giving him favor leaked out our contact details.

Mr. James, this behavior of yours will certainly not be tolerated at any cost. You have violated the company policy by leaking out the details of the contract. You are a valuable employee of our company and if we look back, you have never displayed such behavior rather you have been very sincere.

Due to this, the Managing Director has decided to lower your responsibilities and not terminate you but with a warning that if any further violation takes place you will be terminated there and then.


Letter -3

Warning letter for breach of confidentialityThe new policy devised by you and the HR heads was truly a confidential matter between the two of you. The company was to announce its new policy at its annual dinner but before we could do so, you took the honor of disclosing them.

Mr. Tim this step of yours has certainly disrupted the working environment of the company. You have violated the company policy when you were given involvement in a matter. Take this letter as a warning to yourself for future.

We intend to warn you from discontinuing your activities and get back to work seriously. Any further disturbance caused by you, will not be tolerated. Strict action will be taken.


Letter -4

Warning letter for breach of confidentialityThe recent discussion following the board meeting was a confidential matter between you and the CEO of the company. Many important decisions regarding employees were taken in the discussion session. It was reported to us by one of the employees that you have disclosed many facts at lunchtime.

The CEO personally involved himself in the matter. We concluded that it was your fault. You are thereby being warned not to breach confidential information from now on. You are further advised to revise your behavior. In another case, strict action will be taken against you. We hope to see a better change.


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