Loan Application Letter for House Rent


Re. Application for the loan of $[X] for House Rent Payment

Dear [NAME], this letter aims to request a loan of $[X] for the payment of the rent of my house that was not paid for the last four months. Due to specific reasons, I could not pay for my house rent. The rent was not paid for four consecutive months. Non-payment of the rent can bring serious trouble for me in the shape of an evacuation notice from the court. I cannot pay the rent of four months from my salary as it will immensely impact and destabilize my other everyday expense.

My company laid off me temporarily from my job due to the economic imperatives faced because of COVID-19. Covid-19 struck the industrial sector at worst and the company had to lay off X employees in which I was also included. After being laid off from my job, though temporarily, I started working online as a freelancer.

Starting as a freelancer could not bring enough financial support to pay all the bills and I was compelled to ask for relief from my landlord who gave me two months to clear all the dues. Two months were not proved to be enough to pay all my due rent; therefore, I was again in the same ditch.

Now, my company has terminated the period of layoff and has called me back to work. But I cannot pay the remaining rental dues with my salary. Therefore, I request you to approve a loan of $[X] so that I can pay back the amount due on me otherwise I will be ordered to evacuate the house by the court of law.

I request you to issue the loan approval so that I can repay my rent. I have enclosed my credit score report by the [NAME OF THE BANK]. Please let me know about further follow-up. You can contact me on [PHONE] or [EMAIL]. Please inform me if I need to meet you in person for the case. Thank you.


Loan application letter for house rent


Re. Loan Application for House Rent

Dear [NAME],

This letter purports to ask for a loan of $[X] for the payment of the rent of my house. I rented a house in [MONTH] and started paying its monthly rent without paying the mortgage advance. I took some time from the house owner, but the time came to end and I could not arrange the money.

I work in [NAME OF THE COMPANY] as a [POST]. My gross salary is $[X] which is not enough to meet my everyday expenditure and the advance rent to the house owner. Due to accommodation problems in the [AREA], I cannot change my living space as it will again cost the same. Therefore, I request you to issue a loan of $[X] which I will pay in monthly installments.

I have enclosed my credit report, credit score card, a financial report from the bank, and my company’s profile statement as evidence for your convenience. In case of any further queries, I am available at [PHONE]. You can write to me at [EMAIL] or call on for the purpose. I shall be grateful to you if you approve my loan application and direct your department to speed the follow-up of this case. Thank you.


Loan application letter for house rent

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