Memo on Duties and Responsibilities

Memo -1

It is to be notified to all employees working in the marketing department that the company has revised few strategies of sales and want each staff member of the respective department to work harder from now onwards. I assume that each one of you would be familiar with the core responsibilities of this role. Moreover, the company has recently collaborated with 3 major US-based organizations. By doing this our branding, marketing and sales corner needs more frequent updates.

In this current situation, all of you will be responsible for maintaining a smooth workflow of all marketing affairs. You must bring out the best from your experience at our company and your personal skills. As all employees in this department are professional with more than 3 years of working experience in carrying out marketing tasks, I believe that no less than the best will be forwarded to me.

From counseling fellow employees to provide the desired output to satisfying the customer needs, you all are directed to manage all process flows accurately. Similarly, you will continuously remain in coordination with other operational departments to provide the information and update them on any business improvements needed.

I am expecting you to start performing your duties from 5th of the coming month. You may discuss with Mr. Anthony about your upgraded roles and responsibilities. He remains available from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm every day for business meetings. Or you may also contact me on the available mailing address if you still have queries.

Memo -2

Memo on Duties and ResponsibilitiesThe purpose of this memo is to update you about your business functions as a team lead of front-end developers in our organization. As you have been working in our company for about 4 years, we have realized your great accomplishments throughout this time.  We appreciate your tireless efforts and great logical planning of executing any task in a new and updated manner.

Therefore, the company decided to update your current responsibility stack and make you the team-lead of the most important aspect of website development. An aesthetically appealing and user-friendly website front draws more attention than the vice versa. And over the time I have realized that you are one of the finest employees in implementing this accurately, therefore I want you to train and motivate your colleagues in doing so.

This will be beneficial for both our company and your career. Being skilled in more than one segment of any profession is always in an employee’s favor. You are requested to visit my office tomorrow morning at 10:00 am to further discuss this matter and queries if any. Download


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