Memos on Attendance & Punctuality

Memo -1

Subject: Staff attendance and punctuality

This is an official memorandum specifically directed to the staff members of Project planning team/department. As each employee working for Delta X knows the importance of time and punctuality, we still feel the need for this official notice. From past one month, there are few reports submitted about poor attendance of employees from this section of our company. The importance of planning and initiation of any project completely depends on the employees working in this department; therefore, the organization won’t tolerate any kind of negligence.

This is the first and final memo explaining the rules and standards adopted by our organization in terms of attendance and punctuality.

  • You are allowed to have paid 14 consecutive days’ leave.
  • Each one of you is entitled to mark your check in and check out properly every day.
  • The recommended time of arrival is 10 minutes before the shift starts for all admins, staff members, and managers.
  • Tardiness and early departure are highly unacceptable.
  • Three consecutive late arrivals will be considered as one holiday.
  • On leave for more than consecutive 6 working days without formal acknowledgment to the organization will be considered as job abandonment.
  • A simple breach of company’s attendance policy or improper use of allotted leaves will result in strict legal action from the organization.

All necessary points about employees’ attendance and punctuality have been formally cleared in this notice. The company will not be responsible if the manager takes any strict action without further informing the employees regarding their poor attendance. Therefore, all staff members are directed to do as above.

Memo -2

To: {Mr. Anthony}

From: {Manager}

Memo on attendance and punctualityIt is to be informed to you Mr. Anthony that the company is revising its attendance policy for all employees working in-house and remotely. With this new addition to our attendance rule, employees working on remote basis are directed to join the office from 2nd of the next month. As the company is going through crucial times these days, the director has advised that all employees will work from the office in their respective duty hours.

Some cases of employees falsifying their work have been reported in past few weeks. Therefore, the company needs to ensure that everyone is working with full honesty. As you work from 5 pm to 2 am, you are directed to attend the office in these timings. As per the rule, you must arrive 10 minutes before your shift starts. At the end of your shift, submit your work schedule to Mr. John.

If you want to change your shift or have any queries regarding this memo you may contact Smith who is dealing with attendance management of employees, during the official working hours. As you were regular and punctual even working remotely, I expect the same from you in this recent adjustment the company has made. Download

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