Memorial Day Holiday Announcement Letters

Memorial Day is observed every year as an official holiday in the United States. This is the day when the entire nation pays tribute to its military soldiers who perished fighting for the country. Government organizations and various institutes remain closed in honor of this day. A few private organizations also observe this public holiday.

A formal announcement is needed to be made by individual organizations in order to let their employees or clients know that no official activities will take place on this day. Services and businesses usually resume the next day. This information is provided in writing through a letter or email. The following discussion explains what to include in such a letter.

  • Make the Announcement

The basic purpose of this letter is to make an official announcement about the Memorial Day holiday. Therefore, begin your letter with this notification. Inform your readers about the date of the holiday. In this way, you will send a clear and precise message to your audience.

  • Emphasize the Importance of this Day

Although the letter should be to the point, do write a few lines in honor of the Memorial Day. Emphasize the importance it carries for you as citizens of the US.

  • Mention the Re-opening Date

Routine official activities usually resume the next day. However, it is still important to mention the reopening date. In this way, the employees or clients will know when the organization will close and re-open officially.

  • Avoid an Abrupt Closing

Although it is only an announcement letter, it should still have an appropriate closing. For instance, you may use a simple line, “see you after the holiday”. Likewise, a single phrase may be used as an appropriate closing for your letter.

ABC Company would like to inform all valued clients that our service centers will remain closed on (date) in honor of the Memorial Day. We re-open on (date).

Sample Letter -1

ABC feels proud of the exceptional men and women who are our heroes. ABC CEO, John Doe sends a special message highlighting the importance of this day, “The sacrifices of our brave veterans and fallen soldiers are invaluable to us”. Observing this holiday is, therefore, a sign of our respect for our highly esteemed servicemen.

We look forward to serving you again after this holiday.

Sample Letter -2

This is an official announcement for all employees that the Memorial Day holiday will be observed on Monday, 27th May 2019. Let us take a day off to pay tribute to the valiant soldiers who laid down their lives for this country. The office will re-open the next day. See you all back to work on Tuesday, 28th May 2018.

Sample Letter -3

All parents are informed that the school will remain closed on (date) on account of the Memorial Day holiday. We pay homage to our true heroes on this day. Let us remember their sacrifices and tell our children about their gallantry. We live in a better world today because they fought to make their future generations safe and secure. It is, therefore, imperative that we emphasize the importance of this day to our children. We must all pay the highest respect to our martyrs and brave veterans.

The school will re-open on (date). Regular timings and schedule shall be followed.

Memorial day holiday announcement letter

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