New Office Opening Announcement Messages


Dear valuable employees, we are back with exciting news for you all. We are expanding our office to Sidney near Oak’s Enterprises. There is going to be amazing fun and musical concert at the opening. All sorts of amusement will be provided to you and a new branch has been established on the same old pattern. All kinds of beauty and skincare products will be available here. We have invited CEOs of different brands for reviewing our products. Please note the opening timings in your calendar and I am looking forward to seeing all of your warm presence.


You all will be immensely exhilarated by our new office opening in Manchester and we are enlivened to make this new public. Our social media pages were radically active in the online campaign and various newspapers have also promulgated its opening news. We have invited many officials to the opening ceremony which will add beauty to the evening.

You can find our franchise’s location on our official website and there you will be provided with all kinds of assistance. To be a part of the ceremony, you need to buy passes where you will be entertained with dinner and a musical concert. The passes can be collected by clicking on the link mentioned below.


Finally, the time has come you all were waiting anxiously. Due to ongoing hustle and bustle amid the recent rise in corona cases and work stress, we were at the boundary line. The government did not allow us to put out a large gathering but with the proper implementation of covid-19 rules, we can only gather a few people. You do not need to worry about it as the opening ceremony will be aired live on our company’s channel and there will be a lot of lucky draws and quizzes for you.

We have only invited CEOs of various organizations and our senior staff. There are various fun activities and you can enjoy them online. Moreover, the first hundred customers will get an amazing discount of 50% on all luxury items. Hoping to see all of you participating actively.


We are here to galvanize you with delighted news of our new branch opening in Hamilton on [mention date]. We have built a strong reputation in the market and serving clients comes as our top priority. We are expanding our business and launching new amazing products. We have earned this fame because of our customers and we hope to entertain them in the same way in future.

You can get all the details related to it from our official website. The opening will be at 3 pm and will be followed up by a mesmerizing performance by the city’s famous singer. I hope you will attend the ceremony.


This is to announce that ABC Enterprises is opening its office in Brooklyn. The opening will be on this Friday. We were getting a lot of demands from customers to extend our services. Getting positive feedback from you has increased our morale. All this has become because of your love and trusts in us. We promise to carry on things in a better way than before. Our success was unattainable if we did not have your stringed-out assistance and perpetuated temptation. We will wait eagerly for you.

New office opening announcement message letter


We are making it known publicly that our adulated organization is all set to offer its services in Massachusetts from [mention date]. We are in partnership with ABC Organization and together we are opening our new office that will amaze you. We have opened this outlet to meet the basic needs of people and we aim to make our customer’s life easy.

We have secured this position because of your trust and we are ready to serve you wholeheartedly. I hope you will get satisfied with our new service as we are nothing without your back.


We are as pleased as Punch to promulgate you about our office’s opening in Amsterdam from [mention date]. We have made this decision to serve you and to bring ease to your life. The credit for our success solely goes to our esteemed customers. We will make every possible effort to not let you downhearted. We want the same succor from you in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

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