Reply of Explanation Letter for Negligence

Negligence in the conduct or performance can lead to receiving a show-cause notice from the employer. Generally, when an employee is constantly unable to carry out the assignments on a given deadline or keep up with his/her work log, or exhibits troublesome behavior, he is reprimanded verbally at first and upon seeing no change in his mannerism, the company sends him a show-cause letter.

This letter is a course of the disciplinary process in which the careless attitude is highlighted. Fundamentally, the intent of this letter is accountability. The company discloses the details of the matter at hand, which is sometimes not directly related as a third party has revealed the lack of caution. The letter allows the employee to “show cause” on why it happened. The worker is entitled to explain himself/herself and it is the responsibility of the company to maintain fairness.

Quite a number of times, the show cause notice is confused with a foregone decision as a strict disciplinary action of the company. A lot of employees undergo stress presuming they’re terminated. Nevertheless, as a worker, you are given a chance to explain yourself.

It depends on the employer how he takes your explanation, fair or not, and makes up his mind based upon it. Henceforth, it is necessary to craft a dispassionate, precise, and clear response.

If supposedly, the boss believes your provided excuses are fair and genuine, he will show leniency in the corrective methods or perhaps pardon you totally. Otherwise, he/she is also entitled to execute strict penalization. The worker cannot sue or hold the employer accountable for doing so.

In our humble suggestion, if you are an employer and your subordinate did not commit a blunder that was defamatory for the business and you believe he/she is truly ashamed of the conduct, you should forgive him/her with a warning for the future.

Below is such a sample of reply to the explanation letter for negligence you can have an idea from.

Sample Letter

Dear Susan,

I have gone through your explanation letter for the show cause letter that was sent to you for your negligence. I am glad to read that you have reckoned with your mistakes and have a plan to exhibit progress both in your performance and conduct at the company.

Employees grow only with constructive mannerisms and the ability to appreciate the opportunities they have. Seeing your dedication to correct your behavior, we are happy to announce that no disciplinary course of action shall be taken against you. You will not be penalized in any way. Nevertheless, it is intimidated to you that repeating any past behavior or perpetrating any action against the company policies shall lead to termination effective immediately. You will not be called for any explanation or justification of your action again.

We hope to not confront such an unfortunate event again and wish you good luck with your job.




Reply of Explanation Letter for Negligence

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