Reprimand Letter for Unprofessionalism

Subject: Reprimand Letter for [XYZ] at workplace dated [DATE

Dear [Name of the employee], this letter concerns your unprofessional behavior and serves as a letter of reprimand. We have been looking at your unprofessional behavior for several weeks and have been waiting for the self-correction. However, this letter is a reprimand letter and should be considered as a serious potential to damage your work life and image as an employee.

We have been reported many times that your behavior has been rude and unprofessional not only towards your colleagues and office staff but also towards our clients and customers. Moreover, you use abusive language in the office lounge, crack inappropriate jokes and statements toward your female coworkers, and do not focus on the tasks and assignments given to you. Also, you have been irregular at work, not observing punctuality and office timings.

Please be informed that such actions are not acceptable and we do not bear such an unprofessional attitude. We have strict policies to cater to such issues which, according to our by-laws, can potentially terminate the employee from his employment. Our organization has a good reputation for having a professional and efficient team.

Having said all this, we encourage you to work on yourself and be professional and focused at your work. I have attached a copy of office by-laws related to unprofessional behavior. Read them and correct your behavior. In case of non-compliance, we will take further actions against you which can be a demotion, suspension, or permanent termination from your designation. If you have questions regarding this letter, write to me at [email address]. We expect that this letter will intrigue a positive change in your behavior.

Thank you.


[Company Name]

Reprimand Letter for Unprofessionalism at Workplace

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Re. Letter of Reprimand Seeking Change in Unprofessional Behavior

Dear [Employee Name],

I have received employee reports from the supervisors of all departments. I am regretful to know that your supervisor is not satisfied with your conduct and performance at the workplace. According to the report, you are non-serious towards office policies and laws made to carry out certain conduct within the office premises.

Our office upholds and gives a lot of importance and weightage to the personal demeanor and conduct of an employee. For us, an employee should behave appropriately with his colleagues and coworkers. He should be diligent in his tasks and assignments. He should be professional, dedicated, and hardworking.

It has been informed to me that you have been demonstrating unprofessional conduct in the office that involves being loud in the office, being inappropriately friendly, complementing female coworkers with inappropriate remarks, not focusing on the given projects or assignments, getting rude to clients with concerns and questions, and not following office timings.

We encourage you to correct your behavior immediately. We will be observing your demeanor in the office closely and if we find no improvement, you will be permanently terminated from the office. If you did not comply with the office rules and not took this letter seriously, it can cause unpleasant outcomes for you. We do not want you to damage your and the organization’s reputation and image. If you have concerns or if you think this letter of reprimand is not justified, visit my office today from [time] to [time].

Thank you.


[Company Name & Signature]

Reprimand Letter for Unprofessionalism at Workplace

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