Separation Letter to Employee

Re. Separation Letter with Immediate Effect

Dear Employee, with remorse and regret, is to inform you that you are no part of this company. On account of your unprofessional demeanor demonstrated in your negative behavior, poor performance, lack of focus at work, and unpunctuality, our team at the Talent Acquisition Department has decided to terminate you with immediate effect. Your termination will be effective from tomorrow which makes [date] your last day in the office.

We are regretful to make this decision but the company has to come up with a solution to such unprofessional behavior. It might sound unpleasant to you and would cause shock but we are sorry that the decision is ultimate and there will be no further inquisitiveness into this issue. However, we have discussed the matter with your supervisor who has approved your termination by acceding to the decision by TAD of the company.

To make your termination free from any disruption and convenient, Assistant HR Mr. [Name] will be at your disposal to guide you further about our termination policies and unemployment benefits. We will provide you with your final paycheck and other remunerations recognized by the Employment and Termination Laws of the Federal Government 2020. Moreover, you are requested to hand over the company’s property to your supervisor which includes your employment card, important documents and notepads, lockers keys, parking card, and other insurance cards, etc.

Moreover, please return the company’s laptop to the IT Head Ms. [Name] before leaving.

We will support you in making your transition smooth and provide an experience letter for the time you stayed in this office under [mention the designation]. We will thank you for your cooperation and wish you good luck for your future prospects.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding termination and unemployment benefits. Thank you.



Forwarded: to all the departments and their respective heads.

Separation Letter to Employee

(Sample #2)

Subject: Separation Letter Due to Company Downsizing and Restructuring

Dear Employee,

With ultimate regret, I am sorry to inform you that you have been terminated from your designation in the company as [name of the designation]. This decision has excluded all the general factors and has been made to keep the company’s focus on the current situation in the industrial sector.

We are restructuring the company’s workers and by doing so, we want to downsize and keep a handful of people who will harness the remaining projects of the company. We are very sad to announce this shocking and unfortunate news to whom it concerns.

By doing so we do not mean that we are leaving you in a lurch, however, we will support you by providing certifications, career recommendations, and employment recommendations. Moreover, the company is committed to its unemployment and termination policies which include providing one month’s salary extra to the employees who will be terminated on account of the company’s internal affairs.

Therefore, we promise our support to you in the future and will provide you with all the necessary support. Please let us know if you have any questions related to the termination. Our recruitment team wants you all to work on the basis of projects we get and not as permanent employees. Let us know if you are interested in taking on the freelance projects we can provide in the future. Thank you.



[Signature and Date]

Separation Letter to Employee

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