Request Letter to Unlock Bank Account


I am Jonathan Paul, holding a saving account in Central Park branch of your bank for the last ten years. I am bearing the account number [X]. I am formally writing this letter to you and forwarding my request to unlock my said account which was locked on the basis of a judgment, submitted against me.

I lent money from somewhere and failed to return it to the lender within the stipulated period. He consulted the court, got a judgment against me, and submitted the same to you. Consequently, my account was locked. On arrival of my salary to my account, the required money was transferred to the lender’s account but yesterday, while performing a transaction, I felt difficulty in operating my account. On consultation with your CSO, I came to know that my account is still locked despite the fact that the amount which was mentioned in the judgment has been transferred to the lender’s account.

Now, since the matter has been resolved, you have no right to keep my account locked without any reason and I request you to unlock my account without any further delay and as soon as possible so that I would carry on with my transactions. If there are any applicable charges in this regard, these may be deducted from my saving account number [X]. Waiting for quick action from your side.

Yours affectionately,

Jonathan Paul

Request Letter to Unlock Bank Account


Dear Manager,

My name is Jacobs Williams, bearer of a current account in the canal view park branch of your bank. My account number is [X] and it is operational for the last ten years. I have also availed the distinct feature of your bank which is internet banking. Through this letter, I want to forward my formal request to unlock my bank account because I got my account locked yesterday, and owing to this reason, I am facing a lot of difficulty in performing my business transactions.

Yesterday, while I was performing a transaction through internet banking, I entered the wrong password. The transaction was not performed and I carried on entering the wrong password three times in a row. Taking this activity as suspicious, the bank locked my account and informed me through SMS that my account has been locked. I made a contact with your CSO and he also verified it. Now, the situation is such that I am unable to perform any transaction due to entering the erroneous password three times.

You are hereby requested to look into the matter seriously and do something in order to unlock my bank account. Your quick response in this regard will highly be appreciated by me. I will cooperate with you if the bank needs any information in order to unlock my account. In case you need any further information, I may be contacted at [email] and [cellular number].

I am waiting for a call from your CSO that my issue has been resolved.

Yours sincerely,

Jacobs Williams

Request Letter to Unlock Bank Account

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