Resignation Acceptance and Relieve Letter

Letter -1

Re. Resignation Acceptance and Relieving Notice w.r.t. Resignation Letter Submission Dated 04-01-2021 from the Position of Graphic Designer

Dear Shell,

It is straining to pen down this letter to you while accepting the resignation submitted by you on 4th January 20XX. I am extremely disturbed and uneasy about the idea that you are quitting this job but I am compelled to not stop you from doing this as you have a bright career ahead and have a great opportunity of working exalting your career with a secured and bright future.

This letter is to serve as notification of acceptance of your resignation which was submitted to Human Resources on the above-said date.

The reason behind the resignation is your better job opportunity in another company is completely plausible. Therefore, I am impelled to relieve you from the work. As your resignation letter serves as prior notice, that is why I believe you will keep working with the similar high standards of working before leaving the office and not drudger your professional attitude till your relieving date which is 2nd February 20XX.

Your resignation will be effective from the mentioned date and till then you are required to keep everything in an apple-pie order so that the person who takes charge at your position can understand the preceding projects and nature of work easily. I want you to make sure to not even leave a tinge of a loophole which can create a muddle later.

On behalf of the whole department, I am ought to write that you have been a great employee and will always keep an eminent position in the department of Web Designing and Development. You are, doubtless to say, the apple of everyone’s eyes and thus, it can be prognosticated that you will work harder in the future and will exalt yourself to the sky limits.

I have forwarded the list of benefits you will endure from [X]. Please do not be reticent to contact me to fulfill any of the queries in your head by writing to me at [email].

Best Wishes

Jeckel Spot
The General Manager
Topsel ILF Groups
4th Floor Rex Mill Heights, 34-A, Neelax Square
California, USA

Resignation Acceptance and Relieve Letter

Letter -2

Re. Resignation Acceptance and Relieving Notice

Dear Rose,

This is Kevin Red from GHK National Organization. I am writing on behalf of the organization’s board of directors who have acceded to relieve you effective from 10th February 20XX with reference to submission of your resignation on 5th January 20XX.

With reference to your resignation, the reason which you have mentioned there, behind quitting this job is migrating from California to East London due to your family circumstances. As you have submitted your resignation letter and quitting notification prior to your relieving date, you are liable for all the benefits we owe to you.

Those benefits include one months’ salary along with three months’ health insurance on the company’s behalf. It also includes using the company’s credit benefits for three months from 10th February 20XX. I will take this moment to all the efforts and untiring services you provided during your tenure in this company.

You have always been regarded as one of the most competent and industrious workers of the company. Your services and all the efforts in marking this company to an abounded degree of exaltation shall be remembered.

You are welcome to contact us to fulfill any of your queries or visit Human Resources for any further information about the company’s resignation policy. We wish you the best of luck in the future endeavors of working and making up your career. Please respond to me at [email] or ring at +[X]. Thank you!


Kevin Red
The Manager
GHK National Organization PVT LTD.
3rd Phase, 1st Avenue Hall, Miller Hill Road, California, USA

Resignation Acceptance and Relieve Letter

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