Resignation Letter due to Favoritism

One of the most toxic elements present in a company that has a dangerous potential to bring down its employees’ morale is favoritism. It is, when the management does not necessarily have to be the CEO only, favors one employee over all others in a way he/she did not clearly deserve or someone else is more deserving than them.

Though we can make a whole list of repercussions of this evil, down below we’ll mention only the ones that are against the company’s larger interests. Since the biggest stakeholder in such an uncalled-for situation is the company itself, the consequences are also on the part of it.

  • Resentment towards the management:

Having emotions of resentment for your management you work for will never elicit a good performance and best professional behavior from you. Understandably, when you witness your higher authorities marginalizing you or other diligent workers by favoring those who aren’t much of a profit for the brand will create animosity and indignation in your heart. This, necessarily, will bring out low work morale in dedicated employees as they’d feel their devotion and diligence will not be appreciated.

  • Loss of potential:

When the supervisors overlook the potential in employees neglecting, deliberately or not, the company’s growth, it directly affects its progress. It also means, the supervisor will not endorse the right fit for the promotion and therefore end up hurting the company’s business.

Soon enough, the devoted employees of the company will desert it as they will see no reason to stay in a toxic environment where their participation is sabotaged rather than endorsed. It becomes inevitable for the workers to resign from the position where the HR and heads have no concern with employee retention.

If you ever feel like stuck in such a situation at your workplace, you better try to address it with your seniors and if that doesn’t help, it’s in your best interest to resign from your job.

Below is a draft was written by us to assist you to jot down your decision in the best way possible.

Sample Letter

Dear XYZ,


ABC Marketing,

I am bringing it to your attention after much consideration that I hereby resign from my position (mention your position here) and I will no longer be answerable to ABC Marketing (write down the company’s name).

My experience in the past two years has been quite terrible with the HR department and my supervisors. Not only that my diligence and devotion are not appreciated despite my excellent performance in the growth of this company but also, my doors to promotions have continuously been sabotaged by my superiors.

They endorse my co-workers who have less experience and have produced no up to mark results for this company, yet they are promoted and uplifted regularly.

Owing to these unfortunate circumstances, I believe I no longer have high morale to accomplish further goals for this company. I hope my resignation will be accepted and I will be cleared of all of my remaining dues and rights.


Mark Zack

Resignation Letter due to Favoritism

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