Christmas Switch off Emails

Email -1

Dear staff. Merry Christmas!! We hope that this year’s festive season is a truly memorable one for you and your family.

In our festivities, let’s not forget the issue of energy crises that is staring at us in the face. If all of us try and play our part we can control this issue to some extent. During the Christmas break, despite being officially closed the office spends [amount] on average on electricity.

[Date] is going to be the last working day before Christmas break so before you leave, please switch off all unnecessary lights and electronics. The office administration cannot manage this huge task alone as often it is discovered that instead of shutting down, people just put the desktops to sleep. This is the type of wastage we intend to end. Also, any other electronics such as emergency lights, chargers, etc that might be on standby mode should be turned off. Looking forward to your cooperation,

Yours sincerely,

Email -2

Dear All,

Merry Christmas!! The season of festivities and joy is upon us. Let’s celebrate and enjoy these happy times with family and friends. We will observe Christmas break from [date] to [date]. The team from [department name] would keep working from home.

As you know that our drive to save energy during Christmas break has been wildly successful in the last two years. The previous year we saved [number] Watt electricity. All this was possible only by your cooperation. Please help us in continuing this tradition and switch off all lights and electronic equipment before you leave for the Christmas holidays.

Please ensure that all windows and doors opening to terraces are closed. Turn off any equipment like emergency lights etc. that might be on charging. Kindly make sure that the monitors are switched off and not on standby. Looking forward to your cooperation,

Yours sincerely,

Email -3

Dear All,

Happy Christmas!! ‘tis the season to be jolly.

We would like to wish you a very happy Christmas. On this joyful occasion, we would like to remind you of our pledge to become the country’s first zero-carbon campus by [year]. In this regard, we do our annual Christmas switch off and it helped us save [amount] last year. The electricity bills alone cause the University [amount] per year. By saving this amount not only would we save money but also be a step closer to our goal of reducing our carbon footprint. Before leaving for the holidays, please ensure that you have turned off:

  • Office hardware,
  • Electronics in the hostel and main campus kitchens,
  • Heaters and blowers ,
  • Electronic equipment in laboratory that is not in use,

Please ensure that all the windows are properly shut. Also put your computers which need to stay on over the holidays, in low power mode.

The highest energy consumption is in the Laboratories so ensure that the freezers that need to stay on, are defrosted and there are no unnecessary samples to avoid extra energy consumption.

However, the fax machines and the safety equipment must not be turned off. By taking these small steps, we can ensure that while enjoying the festivities we are not hurting our planet.

Looking forward to your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Email -4

Dear fellow citizens,

I mayor [name], want to extend my good wishes for the upcoming holiday season. May your celebrations be joyous and your home and hearth, warm and welcoming for family and friends.

As the festivities start, please don’t forget our annual Christmas switch-off tradition. Our town saved [amount] in electricity bills alone last year. Not only does this number signify money saved, but energy is conserved. Some steps you can take in this regard are as under:

  •  Before cranking the heat up, put on another layer of warm clothing.
  • Turn all the extra lights and electronics off.
  • Instead of putting your computer and television on standby, turn them off.
  • When your mobile and tablets are charged, remove them from the charger.
  • Even on standby, gaming consoles can use up to [number] in energy annually. So encourage your kids to turn them off as soon as they are not playing.
  • Finally if you really want to keep the Christmas lights on, turn them on from 6pm till you go to bed. Instead of keeping them on the entire night.

By following these few simple steps, not only would you cut down on your electricity bills but make this holiday season a happier one for our planet too!!

Season’s greetings

Yours sincerely,

Christmas switch off email

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