Termination Letter for Unsuccessful Probation


As we discussed earlier, I am informing you about your immediate termination after the unsuccessful completion of your probationary period. My dear, it was a very hard decision to take but we own a company where each and every procedure is carried out as per modern scientific techniques and existing international standards. By doing all this, we aim to provide the best services to our clients while keeping our standards abreast of the modern technological era.

You were placed in this company on a probationary period for one year and your regularization of service was subjected to successful completion of the probationary period. Your duty was to maintain the quality of the product while maintaining all the existing standards.

Unfortunately, you were failed to perform your duties in an efficient way and could not meet our desired quality standards. Keeping in view this fact, top management decided not to offer a permanent position on account of the unsuccessful completion of your probation. Your termination will be effective from [date]. We would like to inform you that your termination will be kept confidential.

However, in all such cases, we are bound to keep a record of those incidents which led to your termination. You are hereby advised not to indicate our company’s name as a reference because we will not recommend you to any potential employer in the market.

In the end, I would say that no doubt you were unfortunate right at the start of your career but still, you have been bestowed with some great abilities, and here is the right time to use them efficiently. We also recognize your hidden talent and wish you a better career ahead.


Jonathan Paul

Termination Letter for Unsuccessful Probation


Subject: Termination of Probationary Services regarding [X]

Dear Johnson,

You are being intimated through this letter that management has decided to terminate your services with this company after unsuccessful completion of the probationary period. You have been a part of this company for last year as a probationer. During this period, you were being evaluated by your sales supervisor, and each time he found your performance unsatisfactory. As per our contract, your regularization was subjected to the following conditions:

  1. You will achieve a monthly sales target during your probationary period.
  2. You will meet all the standards to transform a probationer into a regular employee.

Your performance was being monitored in terms of the above-mentioned criteria. After careful investigations and based on your supervisor report, your performance has not been up to the mark. We hired you last year and since then, your performance was unacceptable. We discussed this issue and held several meetings with you and these discussions have also been documented in your personal file as proof.

Keeping in view all the above-mentioned conditions, management has decided that it is better for you to leave the company. Therefore, your services with this company are hereby terminated because you have failed to complete your probationary period successfully.

Dear, it always looks harder to inform an employee about his termination. You were given several written and verbal warnings prior to this decision but you did not rectify yourself and as a result, you are facing all this.

We value the time you spent with our company. We hope you will soon get better employment soon. Wish you all the best.



Termination Letter for Unsuccessful Probation

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