Thank You Message to Boss for Work Anniversary

I am very thankful to you that you wished me on my seventh anniversary at the company. These kinds of words mean a lot to me and it really shows how much you have concern for your employees. This is on behalf of my good performance that you remembered me on my work anniversary. I promise that in the future I will work with more zeal and hard work and will try to take the company to the height of the skies.

I am much thankful to you on behalf of my family and me as well. I am very lucky to be a part of an organization that has great concern for its employees. Your affectionate behavior to deal with your employees is beyond expressions. Thank you so much for making me an important part of the company. Lots of love to you.

Aiden Smith


Dear Mr. Jones,

Here is a thankyou note for you for remembering my work anniversary. To receive this kind of word from the owner of your organization really means a lot. Your words have impressed me a lot and I was mesmerized after you wished me a work anniversary. You are a true gem in all senses.

I really owe you for being my mentor and manager and I have learned a lot of new ideas and things under your esteemed personality. I will try my best to take full advantage of your esteemed supervision and in the light of your guidance, I will reshape myself.

Thank you much for being a prestigious part of my life. I am much inspired by your leadership qualities, way of talking, and dealing with your coworkers. My feelings cannot be described in words how much I am happy to receive blessing and prayers for you. Thank you so much once again for all this.

John Mike


Dear Mr. Darcy,

This is an appreciation note to you regarding your wishing me in an impressive way on my work anniversary here in your organization. I cannot tell you how lucky I am to be a part of this organization. Your words mean everything to me, and I have much respect for you. The time flew so rapidly that in the blink of an eye six years passed. All my colleagues and administration staff are very supportive and cooperative.

I am truly blessed to be a valuable part of your company. I have worked in other organizations too, but I did not enjoy working there. Working here gives me satisfaction and has proved my skills. I have also improved my writing and speaking skills and all credit goes to you. Thank you so much once again for making this day beautiful for me by sending warm wishes.


Thomas Hardy


Dear Mr. Louis,

Tons of thanks to you for wishing me your heartiest wishes on my work anniversary. I am so much inspired by the way you wished me. I am grateful that you are coordinating with your employees and never let them go down. You are really a wonderful boss. You have always supported me, and I really appreciate your efforts. There has also come a hard time on my journey here, but it all went smoothly with your support and help.

I was already so much inspired after getting a bonus and upon this, your way of wishing added double colors to my happiness. I praise your dedication towards work. I will surely put my 15th work anniversary certificate on my office table that will always remind me of you. Thank you so much once again from the bottom of my heart for wishing me on my work anniversary.


Tom Cruise


Dear Mr. Keats,

First, a bundle of thanks to you for making my work anniversary remarkable and wonderful. I am so much grateful for receiving warm wishes from you. You have provided so many opportunities and multiple benefits to me and has helped me to carry out my tasks in an energetic way. Your wishes are truly meant to me. I really want to boost up my career working under you.

In the future, I will surely try my best to come to your expectations and perform all the tasks in a given time. I am looking forward now to utilize my abilities to execute the project that has been assigned to me. Thank you so much once again for wishing me on my work anniversary.


Pasteur Smith

Thank you message to boss for work anniversary

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