Warning letter for an Intentional Act

A warning letter is a formal documentation written by an employer in the name of an employee for any misconduct, misbehavior, or an act that disrupts the code of conduct devised by the company. The action may violate the company’s rules and regulations which are certainly not tolerable or appreciated. Misconduct once ignored can cause serious threats to the organization. It is highly appreciable that an employee abides by the company rules. If at a certain point in time, he fails to do so the best way is to apologize.

Humans make mistakes but being habitual of making a mistake is not good as habits are not withdrawn easily. Mostly a verbal warning is given first to resolve the issue in a peaceful manner but if the problem persists, then arises the need of drafting out a warning letter to control the situation before it gets worse.

In the first paragraph, the reason for writing the letter is stated. The employee is made aware that the management has taken notice of his inappropriate behavior.

In the second paragraph, the employee is praised for his services to the organization. He is further intimated that if he/she continues to deploy such behaviors, serious action will be taken against him/her.

Lastly, the letter is ended on a positive note motivating the employee for improvements in behavior.

The warning letter should mention:

  • Employers name and designation.
  • Address of the employer.

Below it:

  • Employees name and designation.
  • Name of employee department.
  • The address of employee should be mentioned.

The date on which the letter is issued should be written along with the subject underneath it.

Sample letter

Mr. Henry
Head of Accounts department
YTT Textiles

Mr. James
Accounts department,
YTT Textiles.

Dated: 22nd July, 20XX

Subject: Warning letter for intentional Act

Dear James,

From the past few weeks, you are constantly ignoring my instructions. I had made it very clear that whenever I am being called by the CEO irrespective of what time it is during office hours, you should wait for me so that if there is something to tell you I should inform you of that. Moreover, I had said that if in case you have to run out due to any emergency, you should call me and ask for anything important, and if I am not reachable through call then email me.

You, as an important person in my department did not bother to do any of the things mentioned above when I had returned from the meetings with the CEO last week. James, I had even talked to you about your behavior and had warned you verbally as well but I think you did not follow me.

You have been a responsible and hardworking employee of the company. Over the past 5 years, you have shown tremendous improvement in performance but form the past few days you have failed to meet my expectations. If this persists, I am afraid I will have to take serious action against you.

The company however does not want to lose you. We wish to continue working with you on good terms. Hope to see a positive change in you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Henry,

Head of Accounts department,

YTT Textiles.

Warning letter for an Intentional Act

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