Warning Letter for Sending Inappropriate Email to Customers


Re. Warning for Inappropriate Emails to the Customers

Dear Nachum,

I am drafting this letter to talk about an earnest problem that has been communicated to me many times previously. Recently you had to meet a customer for her concerns and reservations on the delivered products which she found damaged and a few of them were missing. I have been reported that your behavior was inappropriate during this meeting and it has also been notified that you used to send her inappropriate emails which are against the propriety of the company.

Our company is a reputable firm and keeps an eminent position in the list of other companies for its professional dealing and dedicatedly kind rejoinder. Our customer care department is reputed as one of the best customer cares. Nachum, there are a few working values that are to be followed to achieve certain business ideals.

I am writing this as an official warning to refrain from such exploits otherwise strict action will be taken against you that can lead to your termination as well. You can reprimand this act by writing a conciliatory email to the same customer and asking her to condone you for the immoral demeanor displayed by you.

I am also awaiting you to write an apology to the manager of the company reassuring me that you will not replicate these kinds of acts ever in the company. I hope you will understand the warning and not let yourself go through any toughness in the workplace.

Thank you


Assistant Director,
GHK Group of Companies,
Seattle, USA

Warning Letter for Sending Inappropriate Email to Customers


Re. Warning on Inappropriate Emails to a Customer

Dear Jell,

This letter aims to warn you of the deviating behavior of you that has been witnessed. You have been reported to be sending inappropriate emails to one of the customers. Mrs. Nightingale has reported a complaint against you in which she stated that you are sending her unnecessary emails filled with sensual content. Dear Jell, GMSK has been one of the greatest companies in the country’s top-ranking companies. Honorable repute is earned through professional dealing, dedicated working, competency, and showcasing a well-acclaiming carriage.

If such acts will recur, it will not only affect the company’s good name but also go against the business principles you are directed to follow at the workplace. The customer care department is meant to assist and cooperate with the customers and not to tease them in such ways. This behavior is not acceptable, and it can result in your demotion or subsequent termination.

I don’t want to put a halt in your career as you are a talented worker and a significant asset to us, but I am sorry to say these acts cannot be compromised at the cost of your competency.

I hope you will not repeat this again and comply with the working ethics and policies of the company. You are directed to write an apologetic email to Mrs. Nightingale and then reporting to the Assistant Manager, Polus Tambo. For more, you can compose to me at [email].

Thank you.

Zeroth Lowman,
General Manager,
GMSK Groups, Seattle, USA

Warning Letter for Sending Inappropriate Email to Customers

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