Reply to Tender Invitation Letter


Re. Reply to the Tender Invitation from You Made on 23-11-2020

Dear Fox,

With reference to the above-cited subject, I would like to reply to you about the business tender invitation we received on 23rd November 20XX. First, I would like to thank you for considering us to be part of this tremendously marvelous project of the railway line. Secondly, I would like to congratulate you on initiating such an amazing project which will not only earn you a great deal of profit but will also render great help to the public. Your project outline meets a huge public interest and thus, we can expect a lot from this.

As per your invitation to tender, I would share a few details comprehensively in this letter, and then more details can be discussed later. We estimate the project cost to be approximately $100,000/- as the project needs to be initiated from the very beginning and everything needs to be settled. We have calculated every bit of detail in this price and no other pricing shall be charged for the project. Comparatively, this price is the most accommodated one and has been kept under moderation.

Moreover, I show my complete understanding of the grave concern you might have for the quality. Our company is renowned for maintaining its quality in products since 2005 when it was founded. No compromise has ever been done on quality. Many rugged struggles are made to keep the quality high. I assure you to provide excellent quality at the same price borrowing the word ‘premium’ from its name. Please respond at your earliest so that a meeting can be arranged to discuss the tender at its full and making sure the transparency in the project tender.

Please write to us about your concerns at [email]. You can also call directly to our Client Manager at [X]. Thank you.


N. K. Sweet
Premium Scopes EC.
California, USA

Reply to Tender Invitation Letter


Re. Reply to the Tender Invitation Received on 23-11-20

Dear Jessica,

I am Shirley Harrow, the General Manager from the GHK Groups. I am overtly delighted to receive your invitation to tender on 23rd November 2020. I make you believe that we were anxiously waiting for this tender to be approved and invite our services. I have gone through your project details thoroughly and every bit of the project is very well-outlined and structured. This project is potentially remarkable and can render historical success if taken and handled carefully. This project is very technical in its point of operating and technical operationalization needs much more care than usual projects.

On your invitation to the tender, I hereby, officially, submit my positive response and a keen interest in working on this project of yours. This project which has the motto to provide shelter to the homeless is itself much regarding as morally it keeps a very high position. This step by the local government has also been much regarded by the public and this is one of the most looking forward projects in corporate finances.

After having the project on tips, we have estimated cost revenue of $40000/- that can be generated through this project at the end of this month. This project contains a timeline that consists of seven months but after taking its technicalities into considerations, we suggest shrinking the timeline to five months. The cost which will be delivered by our company is approximately $500000/-after a rough estimation. We will calculate other details and forward you the potential investment letter once responded from you.

I assure the providence of quality services on our side. I am looking forward to professional cooperation on both sides which will complement the endeavors for the success of this project.

I thank you again for considering our services. You are welcome to write to us at [email] to fulfill any query. 


Shirley Harrow
Blue Chips Investors and Revenue Generators
California, USA

Reply to Tender Invitation Letter

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