Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior at Workplace

I am Stalin Adolf, the head of XYZ Company in which you are working in the post of junior assistant. This letter is a reminder to you regarding the unprofessional behavior that you have adopted for a long time.

I myself had noticed this thing numerous times and complaint to you about this but I think that you did not take this seriously and started continuing the same unprofessional behavior. I had high expectations from you that you are an efficient and hardworking employee here and was thinking of upgrading you to grade 14th but now I am thinking to change my decision of promoting you.

As you know very well that the company is currently facing a serious financial crisis due to the failure of some mega projects and now, we demand extra hard work from our employees. Each one here in the company including me is striving to bring the company back to its original position but you are not taking this thing seriously.

My secretary informed me that your performance is going down and you do not pay heed to office work, instead you waste your time playing video games on the laptop. I did not believe this thing personally and thought to have views regarding this from your colleagues. They all said that you come and go to the office on time and work hard but there were conflicting views from my secretary and employees.

So that’s why I placed a security camera on your table without informing you to check what you do instead of doing office work and I caught you there playing video games and movies on the laptop.

This behavior of yours is very unprofessional and I don’t expect it from any of my employees of mine. So, take this letter as a warning and change your behavior at the workplace. Next time if I caught you doing this, without a second thought I will exclude you from my office. I hope that you will take this warning seriously. Thank you!


Stalin Adolf

Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior at Workplace

Sample -2

1st March 202X
Elif Stalk
Valley Stream, 234

Dear Mr. Stalk,

I am Ralph Adorsin, the CEO of the XYZ Company. I am informed through some reliable resources that you are included in the company’s blacklist and were involved in the theft. I expect my employees to behave honestly and professionally at the workplace and consider it as their second home.

We provide you with our best and make the company’s atmosphere enjoyable and amusing for you but in return, we do not expect this kind of unprofessional attitude from you. We have established our esteem and the company’s repo after a lot of hard work and do not want to defame the company’s name due to your unprofessional behavior.

I was reported numerously that you steal the things of the employees there in the company. Last month, you stole Miss. Katherine’s gold bracelet and Mr. Stalin’s wristwatch cost almost $800. I had already sent you a letter regarding this, but you started doing the same thing again and again.

This time you are charged with stealing money from the cashier’s cabinet which is highly unprofessional, and I want you to return it in the next two days. If you don’t return it in the given time, then I would have no other option than to exclude you from the company.

Moreover, if you do not want to lose your job then you should end your stealing habit and I expect you to be professional at the workplace. So, take it as a last warning, next time I do not want to hear this incident occur again from your side.


Ralph Adorsin

Warning Letter for Unprofessional Behavior at Workplace

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