Resignation Letter for Terrible Management

Hey, I hope you will be doing well. I am writing this letter to inform you that I want to resign from this job. I have been giving you my services for the last ten years and was working on the post of manager assistant.

Everything was going normal and I was fully satisfied with your services but due to the arrival of the new manager the system got disturbed and the management went down and down. I have been facing numerous issues from terrible management to newly appointed employees here.

I had decided to resign the last few months, but I was giving myself a second chance each time by thinking that the system would be improved all went wrong, and now I do not have any repentance in typing the resignation letter.

First, I have not been given my salary on time and I don’t have any other business except this job to meet my financial expenses and due to this, I have to face a lot of issues. Secondly, the staff here is not cooperative; if I have to ask anything regarding work then there is no one here who can guide me. If some changes are made regarding office timing, then it’s not told to us.

Moreover, the environment is not suitable now to work here and there is an element of jealousy among everyone. All these things are now compelling me to resign as soon as possible.

I hope that you will accept this resignation letter. I don’t have any issue with you but to terrible management, I cannot continue my job here.


Jane Austen

Resignation Letter for Terrible Management

Sample -2

2nd March 2020
Dickin Walton
CEO ABC Organization
Brooklyn, 55667

Dear Mr. Walton,

I am Charles Marlow and working in your organization on the post of XYZ for the last five years. First of all, I will appreciate you on the basis of the efforts that you have made to bring the company to the height of the skies I have learned a lot of things from here that have made me capable enough to tackle any difficult project. Despite all these things I am facing certain issues here regarding terrible management. The management is not cooperative at all.

Last week I was informed that I am part of the new project team and was appointed as head of the team. I was told that I have to complete the project within seven days and I was working on it with full efficiency along with my team then suddenly I was informed that I am not part of this project anymore and this thing made me feel bad.

This all happened due to the negligence of the management team, they don’t provide proper information regarding changing policies of the company and due to this everyone is suffering numerous issues here. Although I don’t have any other job except this, I trust my capabilities and I am sure that I will get a better job than this.

Before resigning I would like to give you some suggestions that you should do something to make management improve. Today I am resigning, and tomorrow other employees will also do the same if the same situation continues. Working here now is not satisfying me at all and last week’s incident has mentally disturbed me.

I want you to accept this resignation letter and as far as my service here is concerned, there is no denying the fact that I have learned a lot of things from here, thank you!


Charles Marlow

Resignation Letter for Terrible Management

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