Warning Letter to Driver for not Performing his Duties

I am writing this letter to inform you based on the negligence that you are showing in performing duties. I had warned you verbally numerous times, but you did not take it seriously and considered that I am joking, but this time I am warning you for the last time.

I was noticing this thing for a long time about your changing attitude that you do not perform your duty well my daughter told me yesterday about your harassing gaze and I could not control my anger after this.

I was told by my daughter that on the way from her college to home you intentionally stopped the car. On asking you told her that its tire is punctured. She told me that you stopped the car at a desolating place and tried to come closer to her.

I was really shocked to hear all this, and I was not expecting this from you. I have given you the duty of pick and drop and better for you is to keep within your limits and remember that your first and foremost duty is to behave professionally. 

Keeping in view the above-mentioned circumstances I want you to perform duties well instead of gazing at other’s daughters and wives with lustful eyes. I hope that you will be careful now. Next time if I hear any such complaints against you then without thinking I would exclude you from this job. I hope that you will take this warning seriously.


Adam Jones

Warning Letter to Driver for not Performing his Duties

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1st March 2020
Sidney Carter
Driver XYZ Organization
Brooklyn, 234

Dear Mr. Carter,

The purpose of writing this letter to you is to warn you that you are not performing your duty well for the last few months. We have hired you on a good monthly package and your salary is equivalent to any of the employees in other organizations. Not only me but all staff members are witnesses to this thing that we did not ever make you feel inferior. As a result, we were not expecting to adopt unprofessional behavior from your side.

I was informed a few days ago that you do not come to the office on time and behave rudely whenever any staff member wants to go somewhere. We have hired you for office work and you remain busy all the time on the phone. Even Miss Matilda told me that she was going to meet a serious accident when she was driving with you and you were driving very fast.

Moreover, you remain busy on the phone while driving which can result in the form of a tragic accident. I cannot bear this attitude in my office.

This time I am advising you to bring change in your attitude and manners and perform your duties well. I hope that you will act upon what has been said to you otherwise you will be responsible for the loss of your job.

I am keeping you under strict observation and for the safety of other staff members I have inserted hidden cameras in the car if I see any kind of misbehavior and rough driving, I will exclude you immediately from the job.


Norma Dorsey

Warning Letter to Driver for not Performing his Duties

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