Christmas Potluck Signup Sheets

Christmas Preparations:

The good thing about Christmas is that you can feel its presence even when it is not there yet. This is why you see people shopping and decorating their houses. In addition to this, there are also people organizing Christmas gift exchange invitation and secret Santa surprises. You can also be a part of big Christmas celebrations this year!

If you are looking forward to hosting a Christmas dinner this Christmas, then this article is definitely for you! All you need is a Christmas potluck signupsheets and few working ideas.

Christmas Potluck Signup Sheets:

Christmas dinners are always fun when you are with your family and friends. Make a Christmas potluck signup sheet and add a spark to your Christmas gathering this year. Below are the complete steps to guide you.

Microsoft Excel:

It is time to recall your computer classes’ lectures. Open up the Microsoft excel and get ready to use it just like old times.


Mention the name of your event at the top of the Excel. You can either go with the simple Christmas dinner or you can give a funky name to your upcoming Christmas party. It depends on the nature of your gatherings. Make sure to catch the attention of people.


The next step comes under the heading of the event. Mention the accurate date, timing and address for your event. Choose a formal font and give enough space.


Now get started with the columns. The first column should be of names. Write down themembers in an alphabetical order starting from A to Z.

Food type:

The second column is of food type. You can either name the specific columns for main dishes, side dishes, and desserts or you can combine them in a single column. Assign people who are good in baking with desserts. Keep the comfort zone of people in your mind while you assign the food type. You can also let people decide the menu themselves.


Always keep the dishes simple. Don’t add items that are time consuming and difficult to prepare.

It is always good to let people know what is already available at the party so they wouldn’t bring those things along with them. Once you have made the template, you can either email it to your friends or family or print it out to show them manually.


Christmas potluck signup sheets are not just fun to pass over, but they also have the following advantages:

  1. Since many people contribute to this even, therefore you get to enjoy the different tastes. You will also see people sharing recipes with each other.
  2. You can organize a big event by putting in less effort. Everyone feels a part of this event as they equally contribute in the preparations.

Final Words:

To sum it up, Christmas is the time to cherish the togetherness and love from your beloved ones. Organize a big Christmas party and divide the menu among people with the help of Christmas potluck signup sheets. Working together is always worth it!

Christmas potluck sign up sheet

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