Request Letter to Participate in Tender


Re: Request to Participate in Tender November 30th, 20XX

In the light of the above-mentioned reference, I am here to show my interest in the Tender that was displayed on your website [X] on 30th November 20XX. I have reviewed the project outline given in tender notice no. CM243/89B and its terms and conditions very carefully and minutely. Having understood the project outline, we present our services to participate in the tender. We have conducted a thorough study of the tender project. We have also gone through all the terms and conditions of the project under this tender no. CM243/89B.

As the project is about construction, we are willing to participate in the tender. We have completed all the litigations needed for the participation and our company is registered for tender participation paying all the taxes.

Moreover, the company is debt-free and there are no other obligatory payments on the company’s responsibility. Tender Prospective Information sheet has been enclosed with the letter which consists of official and legal names, addresses, tax information, bid information, tenders participated previously, and other required records.

More can be provided on demand by the HR department of your company. We are at your disposal to fulfill any query at [email]. We shall be obliged on getting the approval to participate in the tender which has been much awaited by our company. Thank you.


Eely Hills,
Manager in Finance,
James Hilton Groups
345-Right 5 Avenues, Floor Mall
California, USA

Request Letter to Participate in Tender


Re: Proposal to participate in the Tender no. 223/CD-L90 Dated on 20-11-20 and Due on 10-12-20XX

Dear shell,

This letter has been drafted to you to consider our firm for participation in the tender which was noticed in The News (dated on 20-11-20, Monday, page no. 10). I am writing this to show our interest to participate in this tender as per our mutual interests and expertise. Considering the ad mentioned above, we have decided to participate in the tender.

We have studied the tender reports and gone through all the points in the tender minutely. Except for the fifth point that has been discussed in point 2© of the file, we agree on all the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender project report. The reason behind the reservations on the certain point is tax affirmations and current economic fallout can lead this project into the loss which has been caused by the Pandemic.

In the present arena of abominable business toll, we need to focus more on economic mettle and quality assurance. The bullet 2© can be a halt in the economic carryon of the project which will ultimately affect the quality of the products imported.

We hope that this point can be further negotiated if we get a chance to discuss it more in detail. We acknowledge and consider all the points of the project and submit our proposal which has everything in accordance and all exclusively drafted. It contains all the information needed and does not disrespect any of the conditions mentioned in the project report. Your company can anytime refuse participation if anything found to be unreal, illegal, or distorting.

You can call us back at [X] or write to us at [email]. We have enclosed the Tenderer Prospective Information Sheet holding all the required information. Thank you.


Joe Kessinger,
General Manager,
E. K. Fuels and CO.
56-M John Ally, California, USA

Request Letter to Participate in Tender

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