Staffing Agency Introduction Letter to Client

Letter -1

Re. Introducing the Staffing and Recruiting Services of E-Providers and Recruitment Business Agency, CA

Dear Joe,

First, I would take this moment to thank you for showing your interest in our services and ask for an introduction to the agency. This is Addison Right from the E-Providers and Recruitment Business Agency (EPRBC) and in this letter, I would make sure to tell you everything about our agency that you need to know.

[Company] is a private business agency that works in staffing and recruitment. We match the employers and employees after reviewing and scrutinizing their needs, nature of work, and cost-effectiveness. We also provide different packages in selective departments for selective chores. We provide professional and competent staff for companies, corporate or non-corporate. We also provide temporary or contractual services on certain conditions and provide permanent staff on demand.

The company is situated in the technical hub of the US i.e., Boston, CA where the head office operates and considers each staffing in the near and remote areas. We have training faculties who train the staff according to the needs and desires of the employers.

This chain of outsourcing human capital has been in service since 19XX. We provide every sort of employment along with temporary, contractual, and permanent termination services. We bring up a flexible, strong, and dedicated team through continuous training and workshops. We hold different departments in different organizations from where we get all the needed coaching and training of the people to be recruited depending upon the nature of the job.

We provide the workforce after completing all the professional training to the employees. This increases their capabilities and teaches them the kind of work needed for them after enhancing and improving their skills. Staffing can be improvised depending upon the requirement and contract. We provide both permanent and contractual services. Termination and layoffs are also done through the operational channels of the agency.

We can be accessed through our email address [email] or ring at our official telephone no. +[X] from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Please visit our website to check our projects and further details on [website]. I thank you for providing us a chance to introduce our services to you. I am looking forward to a good deal of cooperation and coordination very soon.


Addison Right
The Manager
E-Providers and Recruitment Business Agency (EPRBC)
89-C, Eleventh Street, North San Francisco

Staffing Agency Introduction Letter to Client

Letter -2

Re. Introducing the Functions and Operating Systems of NY Shell Agency and Proposing Special Packages on Long-term Contracts 

Dear Emily,

This is Swan from the NY Shell Agency, San Diego. I intend to introduce the business nature of our staffing agency. We provide staff and outsource workforce for corporate companies only. In the corporate business firms/companies, we provide every kind of workforce from management to operational IT services. Please find the brief introduction of our services in the following.

  • Management services (Project, General, and Human Resources)
  • IT services
  • Project and Contract Services
  • Cleaning Services

We have all sorts of employees and workforce who expert in the above-mentioned fields. They have been trained and taught in the relevant fields from different organizations. We charge cheaper than the market keeping in view the stroke which has hit the corporate sector in this Pandemic.

We understand the challenges and new goals corporate companies have set for the future after the Pandemic bolt from the blue. There is a simple procedure to have our services through an email or a phone call. We shall send a team to the client after the request for the staff or workforce. The team will visit the workplace and will take the idea of the nature of the working along with scrutiny of the quality and quantity of workforce needed. We serve and hand the complete operating system of the workforce to the client.

We request you to check our functions and available reviews of our clients on the website [website]. Please write to us at [email] or call at +[X] for further details. Thank you for considering our services.


Swan Lockhart
General Manager
NY Shell Agency
70-F, Sector 11/B San Diego

Staffing Agency Introduction Letter to Client

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