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A stock certificate is an extremely important official document of high value. It is also referred to as a share certificate. Alternatively, the document is also known as the certificate of stock. This legal piece of paper is created in order to certify the possession of a particular number of stocks in a certain corporation. Therefore, the importance of this document is immense. It is designed according to a proper and formal layout.

A stock certificate template can provide guidelines during the design process. Using this template can help the designer complete the job more easily with only a little effort. The template allows customization. Therefore, modifications can be made to alter the content according to the requirements. The important factors for customization are the name and logo of the relevant corporation. Next, the name of the share owner is written down.

It is also important to mention what percentage of the shares is being possessed by the owner. Other important contents of the certificate include relevant dates and signatures. The rest of the visual design of the document is simple since it is a formal and legal certificate. Therefore, the use of colorful font and background patterns would be highly inappropriate. However, a border may be added. The colors chosen for this purpose are usually neutral. Similarly, the background color is mostly white. Black font is used in order to make the contents legible. An appropriate size can be chosen for the font for different parts of the content.


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