Resignation Letters for Common Reasons

1- For being pregnant

Please accept this as my official 2 weeks notification of resignation from ABC Company with effect from 23rd of December, 20XX due to my pregnancy. Leaving this prestigious organization has been a difficult decision. However, I wish to focus on the health of my baby and myself during the gestation period. This is my priority now.

I am grateful for the opportunities and experience I have gained during my three years working for the company. Although I am focusing on my family life, for the time being, I look forward to future work opportunities in the organization.

I will be glad to train my replacement if the company is able to find one before my last day in the office. I will also be available through phone or video conferencing for any future assistance.

Once again, thank you for the great working experience.

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2- For being sick

I regret to inform you that I am unable to continue to serve (company name) on account of my ill health. Despite regular treatment, my health has been rapidly deteriorating because of Hepatitis C. I hereby put forth my resignation with a heavy heart.

I am providing two weeks’ notice as per the company’s rules. I hope all the clearance and handing over formalities will be accomplished within this period.

It has been an honor for me to have worked for this prestigious organization. Thank you for providing a great working environment. I will miss the company immensely. The entire staff has been like a family to me.

I will be glad to help the company find a replacement for me. I may be able to recommend someone who can take my place and understand the job responsibilities within a short period of time. Please let me know when you would like to discuss this further.

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3- For being treated unfairly

Please accept this letter as formal notice of my resignation from XYZ company as (job title). Following the company rules, I am providing a notice of 15 days. My last working day at the office will be on the 2nd of March, 20XX.

It has been a pleasure working for this prestigious organization for the last two years. I would have continued to serve you with my full potential had I not faced unfair treatment by the senior manager on several occasions. The matter had been brought to the attention of HR but, unfortunately, there had been no solution in my favor.

Although the company provides great opportunities, I feel it is not the best working environment for me due to the reason stated above. I hope the company would take notice and come up with policies against the unfair treatment of the employees in the future.

I would like to leave on a good note by showing my gratitude to the company for the job opportunity. It has been a pleasure. 

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4- For being unhappy

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign with a notice period of 10 days in compliance with the company policy. My last working day at ABC Corporation will be 2nd May, 20XX.

I have served the company for 8 years without receiving the appreciation and rewards that I deserve for my hard work and dedication. I have been denied promotion twice while my annual salary increment has been negligible. These factors have led to extreme dissatisfaction with my job.

I, nevertheless, thank the company for providing me employment. I am grateful for the experience I have gained during these 8 years.

I will be available at (phone number) for further information or discussion.

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5- Due to job dissatisfaction

This is my official resignation from my job as Assistant Manager at XYZ Company. This decision is because I do not feel satisfied with my job. I am, hereby, providing a notice period of 14 days.

I have been working here without a salary increment for the last 3 years. The amount of workload, on the other hand, has been increasing since the office is understaffed. Due to these reasons, I no longer wish to continue my job here.

Thank you for providing me with the job experience. I hope to find better opportunities with all I learned here.

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6- Due to job description

This letter serves as my formal resignation from (company name). My notice period is 1 month in accordance with the conditions of my job agreement.

I had been hired 5 months ago as (job title). During these few months, I realized that my job description does not suit my capabilities and experience. My work here mostly involves lots of paperwork even though I should be spending more time in the field as an engineer.

I am, therefore, giving up my job here in order to be able to pursue other suitable opportunities. I apologize for any inconvenience that may arise for the company due to my decision.

Please let me know if I can assist you in finding my replacement. I shall be glad to help you with the transition. 

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7- Due to job stress

I am resigning from my post as Branch Manager from ABC Group of Companies, LA outlet. The resignation will be effective from 24th May – 14 days after the required notice period.

It has been a pleasure working here for 6 years. However, during the last couple of years, work stress has been increasing for me. The company has been presenting very difficult challenges since its expansion. I can no longer deal with the company’s hard-to-please clients, unreasonable deadlines, and mounting workload. I have, therefore, decided to quit working here and find a job with more reasonable requirements.

Thank you for providing me with opportunities and experience. It has been an honor to be a part of this organization.

This is to inform the management that I am putting up my formal resignation in pursuance of future career growth. I have been hired as (job title) at a reputable organization. Although it has been a great experience working here at XYZ Company, I need to take the next step towards professional advancement.

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8- Due to job change

My joining date for the new job is the 11th of October. Unfortunately, I will not be able to serve you for the required notice period of one month. I earnestly request you to let me wind up within this week. I regret the inconvenience.

My last working day at XYZ will be Friday, 8th October. I will be available through email or phone for anything I can assist you with. I am also willing to visit the office any day during this entire month to sort out any issue that may arise due to my sudden resignation.

I shall be extremely grateful to you for your cooperation. I am also thankful to the company for providing me with valuable job experience. 

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9- Job offer

I am submitting my resignation from ABC Company with regrets. Please accept my official notification of 10 days. My last working day at the office will be 3rd March.

My 4 years of service here have been very rewarding. However, I want to make further progress. The company, on the other hand, offers little opportunities for future growth. Due to this reason, I have accepted a job offer from XYZ as Senior Media Manager. This is going to be a big step for me towards my professional progress.

Thank you for letting me serve the company. I have learned a great deal here.

Please do let me know if I can be of any assistance in the future.

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10- Job mismatch

I regret to put forth my resignation from my job as an Assistant IT Technician. Please accept my notice of 10 days.

After working here for 5 months, I have realized that this job is not suitable for me considering my qualifications and experience in the field of IT security. I wish to utilize my specialization for a more suitable job.

My earlier request to the management to switch my position had been declined as that post was already filled. As a result, I feel it is best to resign due to the mismatch.

I thank you for the job opportunity you provided me. It has been a pleasure working for the organization.

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11- Job pressure

I am writing to inform you that I have decided to quit my job at XYZ. You are requested to accept this as my formal notice of 2 weeks. My last day at the office will be on 6th June.

I am grateful for having worked at this reputable company. Unfortunately, the work pressure has been increasing for me. The stressful office environment has been diminishing my productivity. Therefore, I cannot continue my job here anymore.

I regret any inconvenience the company might face on account of my resignation. Thank you for your cooperation.

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12- New job

I am resigning from XYZ with effect from 10th June 20XX. In compliance with the company’s policy, I am providing this formal notice 14 days before the resignation takes effect.

As I already informed my supervisor last week, I have accepted a new job offer. It will prove to be very helpful for my professional growth.

I shall always remain grateful to XYZ for providing great work experience. I hope the company will keep its doors open to me for future opportunities. 

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13- Job transfer

This is my official resignation from the post of (job title) at XYZ effective 10 days from now on 7th March.

This resignation is being submitted on account of my transfer as (new job title) at XYZ’s sister company in Karachi. I really look forward to the new experience.

It has been a memorable time working at XYZ. I appreciate the favorable work environment and supportive staff.

I will remain in touch. It will be a pleasure to provide any assistance the organization might need from me in the future.

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14- Job satisfaction

I am submitting this resignation from my job at XYX on a sad note. I am providing a one month notice with the resignation taking effect from the 1st of June.

I gave it a great deal of thought before finalizing my decision. I cannot continue to work here owing to a lack of job satisfaction. There has been no salary increment or promotion for the last 5 years despite my sincere hard work. My professional growth here has been stunted.

I, therefore, regret to resign from my job at this prestigious organization. I am thankful to you for the experience I gained here during my time here.

Please contact me on my email for any details.

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