home schooling progress card

Home Schooling Templates

Home Schooling Progress Card Writing a homeschooling progress card is a tough task, the purpose of writing it is to let the parents know what the kids have learned throughout the year. It is the report of achievement of the individuals, what they have experienced, learned and actually accomplished.It includes the basic and the factual

graduation photo album

Graduation Templates

Graduation Announcement Card Graduation is an amazing time that comes after a lot of hard work, so the celebration should be accordingly. Graduation announcements cards are the best way to let your friends and family know that you have done it successfully, sending the graduation announcement card is the best way to let people know

parent teacher communication log

Parent Teacher Communication Log

PARENT TEACHER COMMUNICATION A parent-teacher communication log is an important document at various education institutes. It is maintained for each student. The log helps in keeping a track of communication between parents and the institute’s administration or faculty. TEMPLATE Parent teacher communication log templates are available for free on the internet. These can help you

student weekly planning calendar

Student Help Templates

Weekly Homework Schedule Homework is the most hectic word in the life of a student. Almost every student hates the word and the action behind it. The workload is given by the teachers! Almost no one cares to do that. This results in the decrease of grades. For this purpose, weekly homework schedule works the

school newsletter template


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